Quotes and Reviews

This is my first game book and it’s amazing and captivating. The story and artwork are awesome, the decisions always entertaining and not very predictable, and the puzzles are fun.
– Adriana Kulikova on Kickstarter

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and read the book this weekend. I’m about halfway through and it is difficult to put down! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! … This is one of the top projects that I’ve backed. Thanks and great job!
– Mindy Spearman on Kickstarter

I am so impressed with the quality of translation in this book! This was truly worth the wait.
– Zane on Kickstarter

I got my copies today and was really impressed with the presentation. The box sets are lovely and it’s nice to have received a map and soundtrack as well. Adds to the immersion. Thank you for all your efforts in presenting a great final product. Definitely one of the top projects I’ve supported here.
– Kembriel on Kickstarter